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Laura @ Absolute / Select for Rollacoaster Magazine

Photographer - Rokas Darulis

Brian & Courtney @ Absolute for Golden Age Magazine

Photography - Erica Coburn 

Stylist - Carmel Daly

MUA - Emilia Kuczma-Porebska 

Li-Ann & Patricia @ Absolute for Hot Press

Designer - Sinead Doyle

Photographer - Conor Clinch @ Absolute

MUA - Madonna Bambino

Li-Ann @ Absolute for Kismet Magazine

Photographer - Emily Charlotte Greene

Stylist - Lisa Marie Mc Carroll

MUA - Sarah Foley

Meagan & Christina @ Absolute for The Mirror

Photographer - Saibh Egan

Stylist - Georgina Vahey

MUA - Flora Psarianos

Hair - Siobhan Murphy

New Faces- July 2012


Photographer - Erica Coburn


Photographer - Agata Stoinska


Photographer - Perry Ogden

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Rebecca by Peter Fedrizzi

Karolina for Halinka Garycka

Rebecca D

Patricia for Richie Buttle

Get to Know the Girls - Laura O’ Grady

In 2011 Laura O’ Grady signed with Absolute the Agency after meeting agency owner Anne Morgan at the Elite Model Look Ireland competition in 2010 at the age of 15. “I immediately fell in love with Laura!" Anne exclaims. "At our Dublin castings she held her own so well. She could answer any questions that were put to her and knew so much about fashion and modelling, more than girls twice her age. All this knowledge from a 15 year old just blew me away! This girl was born to model.  Laura unfortunately didn’t make the finals of the Elite Model Look but we never lost touch. I had no agency then but I knew this girl was destined for big things. Laura is special. She’s international which makes her unique. I felt the Irish market didn’t ‘get her’ and that frustrated me. So we discussed London and decided, lets do it. Lets reach for the top. Laura was always going to make it. As an agent you just know these things from the get go!"

Once Laura turned 16 she decided to pursue her passion for modelling with Absolute the Agency and in less than a year at the age of 17 she has already been signed up to one of the world’s leading model agencies Select Model Management in London while remaining in Ireland to complete her studies. Within her first week of being signed she was flown to London to shoot for Clash Magazine and has already shot with top photographer Khalid El Awad whilst generating massive hype amongst some of the top photographers in the UK.  Ireland’s newest supermodel? Most definitely!


                                          Photographer - Khalid El Awad

So Laura, massive congratulations on being signed to Select Model Management in London. How does it feel to be on the same books as some of the world’s top models Natasha Poly, Daphne Groeneveld and Agyness Deyn to name but a few?

Thanks a million! Its a very surreal experience, I flick through magazines and think ‘oh my god, shes with Select, he’s with Select’ they are a fantastic agency and I’m so excited and honoured to be working with them.

How did you start modelling and at what age?
My first experience of modelling was when I went along to the Elite Model Look competition in 2010 where i met my agent, Anne Morgan. I was only 15 so I was very young and awkward with braces and the works, so I waited a little over a year and came back to Absolute after chatting to Anne late last September.

Tell us a bit about your first trip to London to meet with the agencies there, how did you find the overall experience? 
My first trip to London was crazy, I was petrified meeting with agencies as you would expect agencies over there to be very harsh and intimidating but infact everyone I met was lovely and welcoming. I signed with Select on my first afternoon in London and had my first test shoot the following morning with a great photographer, so it was very busy but an experience I really treasure.

You had a call back from 2 different agencies in the one morning - how did that feel? And why Select? 
It was a good confidence boost because I had been very unsure of how things would go in London so to know that there were more then one agency who saw potential gave me a little extra kick! I chose Select because I fell in love with the agency from the moment I walked it. The agency itself is filled with images of stars like Natasha Poly and David Gandy, and theres lots of models and really cool bookers walking around. They were so warm and enthusiastic and it just felt right from the beginning. From going to different agencies I can definitely say you just know from the moment you walk in. I had the same feeling in Select as i did my first time walking into Absolute, it sounds a bit crazy and sixth-sensey but its true! 

A lot of girls don’t realise the massive difference in the Irish modelling industry and the UK modelling industry, what did you find were the main differences? 
The difference is insane, whats considered fashion here is really more commercial / promotional in the UK, and promotional here is more glamour over there. They are different worlds and even the way shoots operate is very different. It takes some adjusting but its good to be able to experience them both and work out which suits me better. I think because im a little bit ‘quirkier’ looking I feel more at home in London, but the industry here is nice in the sense that its small and everyone knows everyone so I hope i can still do bits and piece both here and abroad.

What has the reaction been like back home since you were taken on by Select? 
Incredible! I was overwhelmed by support, I didnt know what to do with myself the first time I signed onto facebook, there were so many beautiful messages from friends and family and even clients. It really means the world to have that support network behind you when you’re abroad especially as it can be a very daunting experience, and to have everyone from your classmates to photographers you may have worked with months ago congratulate you is very rewarding.

So you remain with Absolute the Agency and continue to be based in Ireland - how do you work around international bookings? 
Absolute the Agency will remain my mother agent, so obviously Irish bookings come through here, but for international bookings my bookers in London will contact my mother agent about jobs and they will be consulted, then I’ll be informed from there. 

You recently shot your first international editorial for Clash Magazine in London within a week of being signed. Tell us how that went, it must have been very exciting!

It was very exciting, my family were shocked as they werent expecting me to be back in London quite so fast! It was a weekend of many first experiences, I had never been on a plane on my own or had my own hotel room but I loved every moment of it! I also had a driver to pick me up and drive me around which was such a novelty! The concept behind the shoot and the team that worked on it were just fantastic and I’m so excited for it to be released! I just hope I did their ideas justice! It really taught me how important it is to be able to travel independently and how much hard work goes into these shoots. We shot for nearly 10 hours which was actually shorter than I expected. It was a really great day, I was exhausted coming home though, I was up at 3am to come back to IrelandIt will be my first time being in a magazine so I’ll be bulk buying copies for friends and family no doubt! 

Next year is a big year for you in school with your Leaving Cert approaching, how difficult will it be to juggle an international modelling career with your studies? 

I think I have to see how the summer goes first with the modelling before I start getting too worked up over how I will juggle it, it might be tricky for me or it might work out that I wont have much difficulty juggling them before I leave school, but I think no matter what I’m in a very lucky position, I have a very supportive family, an incredible mother agent, and I’ve spoken to people in my school who are also supportive so for the moment I’m trying to just take each day as it comes but I’m confident I’ll be able to manage. 

You have received incredible feedback from London, so where do you see yourself in 5 years time and what are your main goals in modelling? 
I’ve been really pleasantly suprised by some of the feedback I’ve recieved so far and some of the very exciting emails I’ve recieved. Its been looking good but again I’m just going to take each job as it comes and see how things go. Fashion means so much to me, its an area I’ve been obsessed with since I was literally about three and anyone who knows me knows that…although I hadnt necessarily anticipated modelling, but i adore it. As for five years time, well I’ll be 24 so whether I’ll be still doing this, who knows? Theres a short shelf life in this industry, but for the moment once I’m travelling and meeting the super cool and creative people like those which I’ve met so far, I’ll be more then happy. I’m just going to work really hard, for as long as I’m happy doing it and so long as I still can, and see how I go from there. I think thats all I can ask for, and Im still very new so at the moment I’m just hoping that I’ll last the summer lol! Then one day, hopefully I’ll go to university to study something like English and Philosophy, maybe a language. Things are good at the moments, theres lots of choices and oppurtunities :)

Natasha Poly from Select Model Management London……….can she do no wrong?! FAB!


Natasha Poly in Gucci at the Madagascar 3 premiere and the Vanity Fair and Gucci party.

More from Cannes!

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Katie B for Peter Mark


                                 Copyright Barry Mc Call / Peter Mark 

OK, unless you are living on an entirely different planet you cannot have missed Absolute the Agency’s gorgeous Katie B on billboards, in magazines and even on the side of buses modelling for Peter Mark’s most recent nationwide campaign. Katie B is literally EVERYWHERE right now and all this is happening as she prepares to sit her Leaving Certificate. So we caught up with Katie B to find out how she is coping with the exposure, how she manages to juggle school and modelling AND of course how she keeps that hair of hers so perfect! We think Katie is an inspiration to teenage girls all over the country and we are incredibly proud of her here at Absolute the Agency :-) 

A xoxox

Q: Katie, its safe to say that you are literally EVERYWHERE at the moment modelling for Peter Mark’s newest campaign - how have you and your family and friends reacted to such massive exposure? 

A: I have to admit it has been crazy seeing my face everywhere! I was definitely in disbelief when I realised how widespread the campaign was as although I knew it was going national, I’d never actually pictured seeing my face on a bus first thing in the morning! But yes, its been very exciting. In terms of my friends and family, they’ve all been very proud of me, which is nice. My mom has pretty much told every person in her phone book at this stage!
Being the current face of such a well established company like Peter Mark while also representing Absolute the Agency has been such a great opportunity for me. The exposure has been incredible! My poor agent Anne has had to deal with a mass of phone calls coming in about it, all while I’m sitting in school doing my mocks haha! Whenever I get a phone call or text about people seeing the ad on a billboard or in a magazine I’m still amazed, so without a doubt I can say the whole experience has been amazing.

Q: You started out with hair modelling before you became a fashion model last year, how do the two types of modelling differ or would you consider them very similar? 

A: That’s right, I started off doing hair shows and demo’s etc. for Peter Mark about 2 years ago. This was was great as it gave me such useful experience with catwalk and being in front of the camera that when the time came for making the switch to fashion modelling, I was already comfortable in those situations. I realised that I had built up confidence from hair modelling, which benefited me when I joined Absolute in March of last year.
There are clear differences between the two types of modelling, mainly to do with the focus being more on facial expressions in hair modelling rather than the whole image you portray with your poses and facials as a whole in fashion modelling. But similarly in both categories of modelling, its about selling something to the audience/magazine readers - in hair modelling you are selling the cut and colour of your hairstyle on behalf of your hairdresser and in fashion modelling you are also selling something to the public, be it a designers new collection or a makeup artists new line of products. You could say both modelling industries are competitive, but in my opinion really enjoyable to work in.

Q: What was it like working with Ireland’s top fashion photographer Barry Mc Call? 

A: I can honestly say working with such a successful and talented photographer like Barry Mc Call was an unforgettable experience. I felt privileged to be working with someone who I am such a fan of, but also slightly nervous knowing how many unbelievable models he’d worked with in the past. However, his relaxed attitude and how genuinely nice he was put myself and the other models at ease from the word go. 
We shot in his North Dublin studios from about 7am until 5pm and although it was a long day, it flew by. From his previous projects I knew any shot that he produced was beautiful, so I was extremely excited to see the final results!
Q: You are sitting your Leaving Cert this year - with all the attention you are receiving from the campaign how do you manage to juggle both school work and your modelling career? 

A: From my experience you kind of have to separate the worlds in a way. I am so passionate about modelling, but if I were to be sitting there thinking about the campaign or things I hope to pursue in the future during study, I’d never get anything done! Especially this year its hard to juggle both school and modelling, especially with the Leaving Cert regime not leaving enough hours in the day at times! Undoubtedly it is hard having to choose between the two at times, whether it be missing a casting so you don’t miss a test or having to do homework over practicing catwalk etc. I’m forever weighing up pros and con’s to make the decisions, and unfortunately school has been priority for the last few weeks with my exams on at the moment. 
But that said, I know it will be all worth it. Another 4 months and I’ll be finished school, with far more time to devote to modelling, and also knowing that I put my all into my education :)

Q: Would you have any advice for girls your age who are interested in modelling but are also in school or studying? 

A: My advice is go for it, but to stay in school! Managing both might seem stressful, but in the long run it’s the smartest thing to do. Although a couple of years might seem like forever now as all you want to do is dive right into modelling, it wont seem that bad in the long run when you have your Leaving Cert behind you. Its sad to say, but working in the modelling industry is not as long lived as other careers, so that’s why it’s important to have a fall back. It will benefit you having a 2nd and 3rd level eduction behind you in years to come, so I’d never recommend risking your future by dropping out of school at this age.

Q: What would you like to do once you finish 6th year? 

A: I have so many plans for when I finish 6th year. I hope to get the points I need to for my dream college course, which is Primary School teaching in St. Pats. I also aim to travel a bit during the summer, with a group 6th year holiday already booked as a celebration of finishing the Leaving Cert! Mostly though I plan on putting lots more time into modelling and expanding my portfolio. I would love to get the chance to work with new and exciting clients and to stay with my great agency Absolute. I will hopefully grow as a model with experience and do more catwalk work (which I extremely enjoy) , such as the Ideal Woman Show that I took part in in the Rds back in October. Its safe to say I’m counting down the days until June 14th, the date of my last exam and start of freedom!

Q: And finally as the current face of Peter Mark,  do you have any tips of tricks to offer us as to how you keep your hair so vibrant and healthy? 

A: I’ve definitely picked up a good few hair tips from my hairdressers in Peter Mark. Firstly ever since I heard about turning the shower to cold for the last 10 seconds to give your hair a shine, I’ve lived by that rule….freezing, but worth it haha! Also, I cant emphasise enough how important heat protection is for keeping your hair in healthy condition. Whether it be for in the sun on holidays or before blow drying/straightening my hair, I apply a Kerástase protection spray, and it works wonders with keeping it moisturised. Thats another thing, even though they can be expensive, good hair products do make all the difference. Plus the gorgeous smell they leave in your hair is an added bonus! Finally, I think eating healthy and drinking lots of water benefits my hair. I’ve always been told skin, hair and nails reflect your overall health, so with that said i think a balanced diet can help keep your hair in tip top condition :) 

Alex - U Magazine Editorial

Its been TOO long since we updated the blog (yes slap on the wrist for us…..we know, we know….but turns out January is NOT a quiet month!) so what better way to get things moving again than with an editorial spread. 

If you havent already picked up a copy of this weeks U Magazine then urgh, shame on you! BUY IRISH! But of course, we are biased…..it also helps that our stunning, 17 year old Alex is featured in her very first 8 page editorial and it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Shot by one of my absolute favourite photographers Daniel Holfeld, Alex models some stunning first date outfits all put together by uber talented stylist Courtney Smith, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Discovered by Absolute the Agency at the age of 16, Alex is set to make a huge impact of the modelling industry, we think you will all agree! 

A xoxox

Photography: Daniel Holfeld (www.danielholfeld.com)

Stylist: Courtney Smith (www.courtneysmith.ie)

Stylist’s Assistant: Eamonn Mc Gill

Hair: Pawel Solis @ Peter Mark Grafton Street

Makeup: Roy Wong (www.roywong.ie)

Nail Technician: Pamela Laird @ The Beauty Parlour, Terenure Tel: 01 4929977

Model: Alex @ Absolute the Agency (www.absolutetheagency.com)

Location: The Westin Hotel Dublin

Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.”

Pat Riley

As many of you may or may not know, since Absolute the Agency opened a mere 11 months ago our aim was not only to represent some of the freshest young modelling talent in Ireland but also some of the most creative talent the industry has to offer as well. Editorials, photoshoots, fashion shows - they are all created by a team, a hard working team which works in accordance with one another striving to achieve the best result. Granted, models may be the visual representatives of this hard work but it can not be done by the models alone. 

Based on this, I am really excited to share the collaboration of an incredible group of creatives, many of whom are represented by Absolute the Agency namely David Frain (photographer), Kathryn O’ Neill (makeup artist) and who can forget one of Ireland’s brightest young models, Juudit Siibak who at 16 years of age has made a significant impression not only on the Irish fashion industry but also in London where she will be working with one of the worlds leading agencies once she finishes her Leaving Cert. We are extremely proud of her and excited about what her future holds both here and internationally. Watch this space! 

Photography - David Frain (www.davidfrain.net or through Absolute the Agency www.absolutetheagency.com)

Model - Juudit @ Absolute (www.absolutetheagency.com - bookings@absolutetheagency.com)

Makeup - Kathryn O’ Neill (www.kerrymakeupartist.com or through Absolute the Agency www.absolutetheagency.com

Hair - Stephen Cronin (Wilton Hair & Beauty Salon Cork) 

Clothing and footwear provided by Umit Kutluk (www.umitkutluk.ie)

Styling - Joanne Costello (Facebook - www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=740574313&sk=info) 

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Absolute the Agency would like to wish all of our clients and friends a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2012! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued custom and support in what has been an incredibly successful first year in business.

A particular mention must go to our fantastic models and creative team of photographers, stylists and hair and makeup artists who have made Absolute the Agency into what it is today – a hardworking agency which strives to be the best at what it does. In the space of a mere ten months, we have achieved more than we ever could imagine proving that with a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and a big dream you can overcome any obstacles you may come across.

We have always known that there is a difference between aiming towards being the biggest and aiming towards being the best in this industry. Just as there is a difference when you can sit back and watch a completely new face shoot their first big editorial, take their first step on the catwalk or grace their first magazine cover, and witness all the hard work paying off.

Pride, accomplishment and passion cannot be bought, just as these 3 words cannot even begin to describe how it feels to watch your models grow into true professionals under your guidance. You start out in business as you mean to go on, just as Absolute has - with a dream, with a standard and with an attitude that as long as you work hard, keep your head down and focus on the job you can achieve anything even during times of economic hardship.

Absolute the Agency is looking to 2012 with an even fiercer determination and passion than we had in 2011. Why? Because Ireland needs a modelling industry on par with its international counterparts. We need to raise the bar and by collaborating with our own homegrown creative talent and staying true to what makes us Irish; that innate uniqueness that is so internationally recognised,  there really are no boundaries on what we can achieve not only as individuals but as an industry in its entirety. So heres to a prosperous 2012 filled with success, positivity and big dreams. Wishing you all the best of good wishes xx

Love & Hugs,

Absolute the Agency xx